The Benefits Of Swimming For Rugby Players

Rugby is a tough sport and requires intense training to make it on the field. It combines speed, power, strength, fitness, and agility making it great for your cardiovascular & overall health. When training as a rugby player you must incorporate workouts that include running, sprinting, plyometrics, weight training, mobility & agility training. While all of these exercises will get you in the shape you need to be in to succeed in the sport of Rugby, they can also be hard on your body. Most of these exercises are high impact and can generate a lot of soreness and muscle fatigue. What is the best way to still train hard but also offset some of these high impact training strategies?

Swimming Workouts For Rugby Players

Arizona based pool deck & concrete overlay company, New Look Kool Deck & More LLC, finished a pool deck overlay for a facility where Phoenix rugby players train. With the intense summer heat, pool workouts have become a staple for this rugby team, and their players are also seeing an improvement in gameplay as well as slightly fewer injuries! To ensure they stay safe while doing pool workouts an overlay was added to the deck surrounding the pool to allow the surface to remain cool even when temperatures reach over 100 degrees. The team then incorporated both in water & out of water exercises to maximize their training!

Swimming for rugby players has been found to improve mobility, the water helps support bodyweight so joints are under less duress, allows you to isolate both the upper & lower body, and water can have anti-inflammatory properties relieving your muscles, tendons, and joints of pressure & weight.

With a pool deck to accommodate various circuit training stations and the water a great place to build endurance, swimming is a great workout for those living the rugby player life!